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Benefits Of Maintaining Your Diesel Fuels:

Cleaner burning and lower harmful emissions - more fuel efficient - less smoke – removes and prevents carbon build-up & corrosion - no clogging of fuel filters - better performance - adds lubricity - protecting your fuel injection systems from premature failure . . . Avoiding expensive repairs, downtime and possible need for a rental generator.

Another BIG benefit is that the process is GREEN, Good for the environment and saves money!

Cleaner fuel - More fuel efficient - lower operating cost

No need to pump out old fuel and replace with fresh fuel, aka...Pump & Dump.

We Offer:

  • Yearly Fuel Maintenance Programs
  • Fuel Testing programs, test performed by certified 3rd party laboratory.
  • Monthly, quarterly, biannual or annual inspections for water and general conditions. (Can be combined with fuel testing services)
  • Fuel Remediation Solutions
  • Automatic fuel filtration systems
  • Water Removal
  • Biocide additives
  • Inline fuel conditioners
  • Fuel/water filtration units

See a video produced by Algae-x International featuring a Florida fuel polishing company called Clean Fuel and Tank, Inc. The sludge and debris removed from the fuel tank is very common and most end users don’t realize they have fuel and tank issues until it’s too late and have equipment failures.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality of fuel polishing and related services, equipment and supplies. We will ensure that the fuel, fuel tanks and related distribution components for your equipment is maintained at the highest level of quality.

For tanks that have existing issues, Advanced Fuel Polishing Service can provide the best possible solutions. Advanced Fuel Polishing Service offers, mobile fuel polishing/tank cleaning, fuel testing services, permanently installed automatic fuel polishing/filtering systems, fuel transfer systems and maintenance contracts. It is our mission to ensure the longevity of our company through repeat business achieved by customer satisfaction in all areas including attention to detail, honesty, and integrity.

Donald Depew
President Advanced Fuel Polishing Service, Inc

Call Advanced Fuel Polishing Service, Inc. and find out how you can polish your fuel and save!