Fuel Sampling - Avoid expensive repairs and down time,
have your fuel tested today.

Fuel SamplingAdvanced Fuel Polishing Service offers a full line of fuel sampling and lab testing services. We will inspect the site conditions and make recommendations on the most effective solutions to resolve fuel and site issues. We will review the results of the lab test and answer any questions you have. (All of our lab tests are done by a third party independent labs).

For those that want to perform their own sampling and testing, Advanced Fuel Polishing Service offers a wide variety of tools and accessories for properly pulling fuel samples from bulk fuel storage tanks, generator sub-base tanks and day tanks.

It’s very important that the fuel samples are properly obtained to guarantee for accurate test results. Samples should always be obtained using ASTM approved sampling methods (ASTM Designation: D4057). Samples should always be taken by a qualified technician. Failure to get proper samples will result in inaccurate lab test results.

To help get the best results:

Making sure the integrity of the fuel and fuel system is as important as the routine maintenance that is performed on your equipment. Derogated/contaminated fuel can have negative effects on your engine and fuel system, more than just clogging up filters!

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